The List of Non-NHS Fees

Private Medical Certificate/Sick Note £20

Private Prescription e.g. Anti-malarial £20

Supplementary Question Reports £20

Fit to Travel – recorded on private note £20

Short letters e.g. airline requests £25

Driving Licence £25

Holiday cancellation form £20-£35

Fitness to attend gym/exercise class/health £30

Private Medical Insurance Claim Form £50

Other Medical Insurance Claim Form (e.g. Mortgage Protection) £50

PP/WPA/Bupa forms £50

Patient Medical Records upto £50

Yellow Fever Vaccination (including WHO Certificate) £55

P.M.A and Ofsted Report £79.20

Typed Medical Reports from Medical Records £80

All Medicals e.g. HGV, Taxi, Pre-employment £90